Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited Downloads: You can download all of our:

  • Templates
  • Static Start Screens
  • Animated Start Screens
  • Animated Overlays
  • Buttons
  • 360 Overlays
  • Any Future Designs

Template Widget: You can showcase all your templates on your website or link to your clients with a customization template edit form.

Custom Widget (standard & Pro): Upload your own templates, start screens, backdrops & props to create your own custom widget.

Custom Domain: Get a premium subdomain on

Widget Customisation: Customize the look of your widget to match your website with your own logo, custom navigation & button colors

Editing Service (Pro): We edit all of our stock templates to your request so you don’t have to. Per 100 submissions (100 Template edits & 100 Start Screen edits).

Editing service (Standard): We edit all of our stock templates to your request so you don’t have to. Per 30 submission year (30 Template edits & 30 Start Screen edits).

Notice: Lifetime members get unlimited downloads & the standard widget. Our custom widget & editing service is not included.

Head over to our Get Widget page here (must be logged in) to begin the process of getting your widget up and running. 

Custom widget you can get here

Once you have submitted your form you will receive confirmation via email once your widget is set up (Can take up to 12 hours). We allow up to 3 widgets per user. If you don’t receive this email please contact us at

You can update your widget at anytime just by going to your widget and adding ‘/update-widget’. to your URL.

To embed your template picker onto your website you will need to use an iframe.

If an iframe doesn’t work you can always add links to your website or send links to your clients. Because it is on your clients wont know it is us.

*Depending on your web builder you may have to try out different html iFrames.

Use either of the following HTML iframes on your website:

<iframe src=”LINKHERE” scrolling=”yes’ width=’100%” height=’3200px’></iframe>

<iframe src=”LINKHERE” width=”100%” height=”100%”></iframe>

<iframe src=”linkhere” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”yes” seamless=”seamless” style=”display:block; width:100%; height:100vh;”></iframe>

In our .psd files we have made it easy for you to quickly edit templates to your clients desires using photoshop or the free online tool

Green: Editable text

Blue: Hue/ Saturation or Color Balance for changing the layers colors.

Just Slide the bars until you find the color you need. Need to change the color of a specific part of the layer i.e just the leaves from green to yellow then change from ‘Master’ to ‘Green’ then only green layers will change color.

Orange: Optional Layers

Open your .psd file in either photoshop or the free online version 

Edit the text and colors or just remove the text and save as or export as .png. Simple.

Some of our template sizes may need changing either up or down in size.

For some photo booth software you may need to change the template size from example: 1800x1200px – to – 1844x1240px.

To do this in photoshop or just go to ‘Image > Canvas Size’: 

Image size will alter the photo box coordinates*

Then change the Width & Height to your needs, make sure the anchor point is centred then click OK:

You can find our template photo coordinates for all our templates Here

Strip: 2×6 – 600×1800  Landscape: 6×4 – 1800×1200  Portrait: 4×6 – 1200×1800  Square: 1600×1600  360: 1280×1280


Strip: 2×6 – 620×1844  Landscape: 6×4 – 1844×1240  Portrait: 4×6 – 1240×1844  Square: 1600×1600

If your .png file is a bit large the best free source to use to compress it down is by using

Go into Your Account page and head down to ‘Downloads’ there you shall find every download you have and can re-download if needed.

You can find the font name for your template in the template description. 99% of the fonts we use are free to use for personal use. Some may require Adobe.

Templates: PSD Photoshop file & PNG file  Static Start Screens: PSD Photoshop file Animated Screens: MP4 file   Animated Overlays: Each individual PNG layer 16-24 layers  Buttons: PNG standard & APNG animated

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. But you will no longer have access to certain perks & services after your subscription renewal date.

Your widget will no longer be available,  use of your editing service will no longer be available & unable to download any templates & animations that you haven’t previously downloaded.

To cancel login to your account, go to subscriptions and click cancel or contact us at or on our contact page.

Because we sell digital products we don’t offer refunds unless you haven’t downloaded a single product. Once you have downloaded a design we can no longer refund you.