CanvaPhoto Booth Templates

Our template library is currently 80% completed in Canva ready versions.

Canva Ready!

Use your favourite editing suite with our photo booth templates & start screens.

Edit in the click of a button

Find Canva templates on our website by going to your desired template and clicking on the ‘Edit in Canva‘ button, which will take you straight to Canva, where you can start editing immediately.


Edit the text, move certain layers around, & change the template’s colors using the hue/ saturation bars. Due to Canvas’ limitations, some layers & text may be different to the photoshop files.

Canva Pro

Please note that in order to use our Canva templates you must be a Canva Pro subscriber as you need to download the PNG files with a transparent background & some of our fonts use Pro.

Do I need Canva Pro to use our templates?

Yes you will need to be a Pro member to use our templates as they require a transparent background when downloading the PNG file. We also use some fonts and tools that are only for Pro members.

Can I edit the template into a new layouts?

No. We use our custom template layouts and due to Canvas limitation you can’t move the frames locations.

Why are some different to how they are shown?

Due to Canvas limitation some designs might look slightly different. For example in Photoshop we can make the text with a gradient however in Canva this is not yet possible. 

Some background elements are not movable due to these limitations as well but colors can still be adjusted using hue/saturation.

Are start screens editable as well?

Yes, but only our static screens currently.

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