Your very ownDedicated Editor

Save yourself hassle & time by joining our edit club and leave the editing to our dedicated team!

Your in good hands

If you hate editing templates or can’t get the hang of photoshop then you’re in good hands, we take the burden away by utilising our expertise in graphics design & speedy process. Let us handle your clients chosen templates and never edit another template again!

How does it work?

Step 1: Getting Started

After you join Bespokebooth you will now see an editors form below each template & start screen for you to fill out & your widget submissions will go directly to our team.

Step 2: The Design

You or your client will pick out a design and fill out the form (you through our website or your client through your widget) this will go to our team to be created.

Step 3: Your Editor

Your dedicated editor will receive the form submission & will begin to create your clients template to the specifications submitted.

Step 3: Delivery

Your ready-to-go template will be delivered within 1-3 business days, if any revisions are needed by your client we will amend straight away. You can also access all your edited files in your account.

Is their a max amount of submissions?

Yes, 150 per year. If you require more than 150 please get in contact with us to discuss.

Can I get the template in my own custom layout?

No. Which ever template submission comes through is the layout we create, you can request the PSD file and move the layers onto your own custom template layout.

The client wants extra assets on the design?

If the client wants extra assets on the design such as ‘Roses’ we will send the edited PSD file over for you to add the assets. Anything other than the stock design would be considered custom work. Supplied logos & select images uploaded through the submission form are ok.

Can I get the start screen as well?

Yes, you can either submit yourself through our Editor form or download and create yourself.

Start screen submissions are counted separately from templates submissions.

What about custom templates?

We only edit stock templates. Any custom templates your client requests are to be made by yourself or outsourced using the information your client provides.